Family Home Overhaul Season 1


HGTV Canada’s Family Home Overhaul provides selfless families with major, life-changing renovations.
In each episode Host, Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada), introduces a family that has been nominated by their community for always giving back despite any hardships they personally encounter. These homeowners always put others needs above their own, meaning the four walls around them can be ignored. Whether it’s providing shelter to those who need it, overcoming life-altering health issues, or donating all of their time and resources to support a cause dear to their heart, these extraordinary families are deserving of a Family Home Overhaul.
And who better to give these families the major renovation they deserve than the talented contractors and designers from HGTV Canada? Together with Cheryl, the reno teams pair up to meet the family, tour their property and learn exactly what is needed to transform this family’s life in their home. They’ll tackle each project with the homeowners in mind, getting down to the studs and uncovering any issues that could threaten the family’s future. With the help of friends and neighbours, these renovations are perfectly customized and personalized to reflect each family’s unique needs.
While the renovation is underway, the progress is kept under wraps to ensure the family is completely surprised by the final stunning reveal. But that’s not the only surprise: each family also receives an incredible family vacation! They then return fully relaxed and ready to celebrate their newly renovated home surrounded by the community and reno team that made it happen.
This season, 14 HGTV Canada talent pair up to change the lives of each family, including: Scott McGillivray, Tiffany Pratt, Sebastian Clovis, Kortney and Dave Wilson, Brian McCourt, Mia Parres, Kate Campbell and Dave Coleman, Sarah Keenleyside, “Brolaws” Joey Fletcher and Dave Kenney, Samantha Pynn and Tommy Smythe.
Family Home Overhaul is produced by Proper Television. The executive producers are Allison Grace, Cathie James and Lesia Capone. The series producer is Derek Miller.


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